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Tight Muscles Are Weak Muscles

So often, I have people who come in to see me and speak of how they no longer are able to get on the floor or stretch down to tie their shoes. They need to lift their foot up onto something in order to reach their shoe. People share how they struggle with stairs or walking. What I so often see is that people haven't learned how the body is designed to work. And this is what I mean by that statement. We are a complex system and yet simple enough to understand our basic needs. If we demand physical stress on our body, it will hurt at first, but then our amazing bodies learn it better equip itself to meet this demand. So it strengthens with muscles, becomes longer and more fluid with stretching, and now we find that we can do the things we once thought we lost. My question for you reading this is, are you willing to put in the work? I have clients who share their struggles and I try to guide them with helpful advise and I absolutely love when they make the time and effort for themselves. This is our shared goals, we both want what is best for your body. In my office, I'll help you stretch and teach you about your own body. I'll help you to learn to listen to it if you haven't yet developed this skill. Sometimes, it's not that our body is too old or too worn out, but rather it is under developed because so little is expected or demanded on a daily bases. Some people are hard physically on their body but have put little effort in helping it to recover. Most people that come in to see me need to stretch better. After all that is why they are coming in for their massage, to loosen their tight muscles and ease their pain. But what if your normal could improve? What would that look like for you? How would it feel?

All through my childhood I wasn't able to touch my feet in the school testing. My hamstrings were always too tight. I thought that just was the way I was built. In my 30's I started getting massages. In my 40's I began to include yoga. This past year I have gotten more dedicated to my stretching practice, I get biweekly massages and I also get monthly adjustments. My body feels younger today than a decade ago. But I remember how awkward and painful it all was in the beginning. I didn't improve because it was easy, only because I did the work.

What are some activities you used to enjoy that you stopped doing and no longer think you are able to do? Is there something you miss doing? As I am writing this I have in mind people who are struggling with some serious conditions. But these people are usually the ones that put in the best effort for themselves and they are better because of it. Each of our stories are unique and our lives we live are expressed through our body. What does yours say? Better yet, what do you want it to say? Start today and give yourself a stretch.


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